google play icons

Google Play Icons are designed by Marcus Roberto from deviantart. He is a great designer. You can find high quality icons on his deviantart blog. Thanks for these high quality google application icons at Google Play Store. These icons are free for personal use. You are free to use them for personal desktop only. There are 21 google apps icons. I hope, you will like Google Play Icons.

Artist Says :

The products or characters depicted in these icons are © by Google. An icon set of main apps made by Google at Google Play Store:


  1. Blogger
  2. Gmail
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Aythenticator
  5. Google Calendar
  6. Google Chrome
  7. Google Currents
  8. Google Drive
  9. Google Earth
  10. Google Finance
  11. Google Goggles
  12. Google Maps
  13. Google Play Books
  14. Google Play Movies
  15. Google Play Music
  16. Google Reader
  17. Google Search
  18. Google Translate
  19. Google Voice Search
  20. Google+
  21. YouTube

Formats in ZIP :

Icons are in .PNG and .ICO format. Icons size; 512×512 px.

Download Google Play Icons