windows 8 metro application icons

Windows 8 Metro Style Icons are designed by dAKirby309 from deviantart. This set currently includes 678 metro style Icons for today’s top applications, internet browsers, Operating Systems and Manufacturers. You will find three folders in this iconset. Metro ICO, Metro Icons and Metro Icons Reflective folders. Each folder contains nine different categories.

These categories are as follows: Applications, Devices and Drives, Folders and OS, Google Services, Internet Shortcuts, Office Apps, Other, System Icons, Web Browsers. Thanks for these high quality Windows 8 metro style icons. These iconset is under CC Attribution 3.0 license. Free for personal and commercial use. I hope, you will like Free Pink Social Icons.

Artist Says :


You may use these icons however you like, BUT if you post them online for others to see, you must provide appropriate credit to me and this set and selling ANYTHING that contains my icons in any way is strictly prohibited UNLESS you are willing to give me a portion of your earnings via Paypal, on ANY site. Period!

This iconset inludes:

Action Center icons, adobe applications metro style icons, Angry Birds windows 8 metro style icon, Avast Antivirus windows 8 metro style icon, bing metro style icons, Bookmarks Folder alt windows 8 metro style icon, contacts icons, google application icons, metro style social icons, facebook, twitter, skype and more…

Formats in ZIP :

Icons are in .PNG and .ICO format. Icons size; 512 px.

Download Windows 8 Metro Style Icons