gold silver religious symbols

Gold Silver Religious Symbols Icons were created by Zee Que from DesignBolts. DesignBolt is a great blog about Graphic Design and Photography. You can find high quality icons in their blog. Thanks for these high quality religious symbols. These icons are free for personal and commercial use. Required backlink to artist website. You are free to use them for commercial and personal projects. There are 25 golden and 25 silver religious icons with brown and gray background. I hope, you will like Gold Silver Religious Symbols Icons.

Artist Says :

Every religion has its own beliefs, preaching and learning but what is more common in them all is compassion, peace, love and brotherhood. There are people who actually are atheists and skeptic but that are not what I am going to talk about. Unity, harmony and unanimity are the aspects which ascend from every single religion whether it’s Islam, Christianity or so forth.


This iconset inludes:

ALLAH icon golden and silver, Christian Cross icon golden and silver, Christianity Peace Dove icon golden and silver, Christianity Praying hands Symbol icon golden and silver, Cross Pattee icon, Dua icon, Hinduism Om icon, Islamic Crescent icon, Paganism Triskelion icon, Presbyterian Cross icon, Presbyterian Cross icon, Raelian Symbol icon golden and silver, Shinto Torrii icon, Sikhism Khanda icon, Swastika icon, Taoism Yin and Yang icon golden and silver…

Formats in ZIP :

Icons are in .PNG format. Icons size; 56×56, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512 pixels.


Download Gold Silver Religious Symbols Icons