tulliana system icons

Tulliana System Icons are designed by M.Umut Pulat from deviantart. You can find high quality icons on his blog. Thanks for these high quality system icons. These icons are free for personal and commercial use. Icons are under GNU Lesser General Public License. There are 533 system icons. I hope, you will like Tulliana System Icons.

Artist Says :

“Tulliana 2.0” iconset for Pardus GNU/Linux. Artist / M.Umut Pulat. Tulliana iconset has some inspirations from the iconsets Nuvola and Crystal.

Link to M.Umut Pulat ( go see more of he´s work plz

Convertede to Ico by GFXman with permission.

(Well you got all the permissions on Tulliana)


Formats in ZIP :

72×72 px. with .ICO

Download Tulliana System Icons