Square Social Icons


Square Social Icons were created by Lokas Software. Thanks for these high quality social icons. This iconset contains icons suitable for both Windows and Linux. These icons are under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. If you want to use these icons in your project, software, application or website, you need to maintain an active link to author website, with the link text: “Icons by Lokas Software”. There are 16 icons in the iconset. I hope, you like Square Social Icons.


Iconset Includes :

Facebook icon, Twitter icon, Google Plus icon, RSS icon, Delicious icon, Email icon, ShareThis icon, YouTube icon, Pinterest icon, LinkedIn icon, StumbleUpon icon, reddit icon, Digg icon, Dribbble icon, AddThis icon, deviantArt icon.

Formats in ZIP :
.PNG; 48 x 48 pixels,
.ICO;  48 x 48 pixels. PSD file also included.

 Download Square Social Icons