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3 Winning WordPress Affiliate Websites

If you’ve ever made money online, then you have some affiliate marketing examples to share with you. Of course, it is not just a “one-off” transaction; affiliate marketing requires ongoing relationship and commitment. Therefore, the affiliate programs that work for you the best are those that build on relationships. For example, if you’re blogging about home brewing, you may want to associate yourself with other bloggers who also brew their own beer. If one of your readers happens to be a big beer drinker, you could offer them a special recipe that they can use in conjunction with their beer at home.

affiliate marketing examples

This example illustrates how affiliate marketing works, but there are many more successful affiliate websites that just use one simple method. Most successful affiliate marketing occurs when multiple elements come together. For example, many affiliate marketers make use of pay-per-click advertising to drive visitors to their websites. However, many people do not realize that keywords also play an important role. There are certain phrases and words people generally type into the search engine to find what they want, and these need to be placed onto the affiliate offers page in order for the visitor to see them.

Many affiliate marketers create both text and video ads to promote their affiliate offers. The video ad is usually attached to the end of a post or a page and then links to the affiliate offer. Text ads are usually found at the bottom of blog posts, and sometimes throughout the content. When visitors click on these text ads or on the embedded code that displays them, they will be taken to a particular website builder where they can find the affiliate product.

In this case, let’s assume that we have a blog with one hundred and fifty posts. In our affiliate marketing plan, we would create three separate blog posts each with the same title, which relates to one of the main niche keywords we are promoting. Once we have done this, we would create the HTML for the individual blog pages. Within the body of the text and in between the opening “head” and closing “head” tags we could place our three affiliate offers. In this example, three different domain authority sites could be linking to each blog page.

In our example, we have a very specific niche that relates to ecommerce. Therefore, when someone is browsing the search engines for an ecommerce term, they are more likely to find the specific website key figures associated with that term. For our example, if we were promoting a website building program, we would place the keyword “ecommerce” into the title. Then, within the body of the text and in between the opening “head” and closing “head” tags we could place our three affiliate offers. Obviously, the more specific the keyword, the better the conversion rate will be.

Growth Marketing Pro offers an affiliate marketing example based on email marketing. This is another example of using backlinks and referring domains. In this email marketing example, the owner creates a series of emails, sends them out to a list of subscribers, and then uses the power of email marketing to encourage people to open those emails and to forward them on. Each time someone opens the email, a backlink to the referring domain is placed within the email.

Growth Marketing Pro offers a more involved set of affiliate marketing examples. In this example, Jonny Andrews, the creator of Growth Marketing Pro, takes things one step further. Instead of creating a series of emails, he actually builds a site around the keyword phrases he is targeting. He then enters each keyword phrase into the Google Keyword Tool to find out how many other sites are targeting that phrase. The sites he finds are ranked according to their relevance to that phrase. This allows Jonny to make money from advertising on those sites.

Finally, you have the last in our series of winning WP affiliate websites. Winters and summers are known for being slow in the affiliate marketing game. Many affiliate marketers have lost money because they waited too long to start building their sites. As a result, when the summer comes and there is not much activity on the affiliate front, they fall into a rut. It is important to take action as soon as possible, and in this article, we are going to give three WP affiliate marketing examples to get you started on the right path to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.